Wednesday, September 5, 2012

BEAUTY SMACK DOWN: Benefit's Erase Paste Vs. Bobbi Brown Corrector

Hey Beauties!

I thought it would be fun to do a beauty smack down for this post as I haven't done one yet and I think they are an awesome way to compare two products that are similar.

So we all have dark circles under the ol' peepers, no? We're working women, with careers, kids, husbands, and boyfriends that make us girls tired. Lucky for us, cosmetic companies are ALL over this little problem with some pretty amazing products. Today, we'll talk about two of my favs and compare them.

Benefit's Erase Paste in Medium
$26.00 for .15 oz

I recently bought one of those amazing Ulta sample sizes of Benefit's Erase Paste as an impulse buy, which I can EASILY justify because I really wanted to try it out but wasn't ready to commit to the full size AND I had to blog about it see where I'm going with this.

When I got it home, I discovered it was so similar to Bobbi Brown's corrector concealer in color and in texture. So I immediately got to work making a list of pros and cons.

Bobbi Brown Corrector in Bisque
$23.00 for .05 oz

The first thing that was obvious to me was the color. Now I use Bisque in Bobbi Brown's corrector and medium in the Erase Paste, almost identical.

The next thing was texture. Now there IS a bit of a difference here to me that COULD make or break it for each of you. Erase Paste is definitely thicker in consistency, and feels a bit heavier to the touch, where Bobbi Brown's corrector feels a bit more luxurious and silky on the finger. However, they both melt into the skin beautifully.

Next up, how they work. Both equally do the same thing, cover those pesky dark circles by correcting and neutralizing the blue/green tones. I found that both Bobbi Brown and Benefit's Erase Paste did the identical job of brightening and masking the circles. I have read a few other bloggers' reviews on both products and some felt that Erase Paste settled in small lines more so than Bobbi Brown's, but I didn't find that at all. In fact, my under eyes look a bit more lovely with it on as oppose to without.

I LOVE BB corrector but I think I have found a cheaper, better alternative to that. For your money, you are getting more product for a few bucks cheaper with Benefit's Erase Paste, so that alone has me sold on it. However, if you are worried about it being a thicker formula you may just want to stick with Bobbi for the silkier smoother feeling.

Bobbi Brown Bisque (L) Benefit's Erase Paste in Medium (R)

There ya have it loves, my first beauty smack down in the books! Hope it helped you "get off the fence" and make a decision when it comes to correctors.



  1. i love erase paste. it's my absolute must-have beauty product! :) x

  2. Hi Rachel! I am so into right so well and so much more affordable....LOVE! Thanks for your comment!


  3. I love Erase Paste its a must have for me too. Haven't tried BB corrector yet because I have no idea where to buy it..Sephora doesnt ship BB products to Canada as far as I know.

    Sara xx Happy new Follower:)

  4. Hi Sara! I am so glad to have you along!!! Erase Paste is my new must have too! In Canada you can buy Bobbi Brown at Vancouver Airport, Holt Renfrew (I believe) and QVC ships to Canada if you find BB products online there!

    Hope that helps!


  5. I'm an Erase Paste addict, but I've run out now so I'm going to have to try out Bobbi Brown Corrector! xxxx

    1. Daisy! Try it and see what ya think...pretty similar I think! ;)